The House of Dabira Bridal 2015

Hello HOD Lovers,

Last blog post, I took you #BTS of the special project and Β in this post, I give you the official photos *elaborate fanfare playing*

Because we can’t decide, there are 27 official pictures, hehehe. Please enjoy every bit of it and don’t forget to comment and share!

HOD 001

HOD 002

Look One:

Inspired by the charmingly old-fashioned Victorian times, the “Theodora” gown is softly evocative, gentle to the eyes but still exuding strength. Its tulle bodice charms you as it wistfully extends into a carefully structured ball skirt. This is for the shy bride that wants to make a statement without being extravagant.

HOD 003

HOD 004 HOD 005

HOD 006

HOD 007

HOD 008

Look Two:

The “Eleanor” gown evokes a regal straightforward feminine image, combining the perfect dose of substance and style. This gown is mellifluous, sweet and musical. The smoothness of the fabric mixed with its straight silhouette flowing into a flawless train takes away your breath. This is for the “sensible” bride who wants to dispense with all frivolities yet remain exquisite.

HOD 009 HOD 010 HOD 011 HOD 012 HOD 013

HOD 014

Look Three:

With the classic ball gown comes the classic name, “Elizabeth”. Opulence. Luxury. Extravagance. These are the words the gown evokes, The “Elizabeth” gown has so much going for it, rich history (a lot of brides stick to the ol’ ball gown silhouette for their big day), broad appeal and timeless style. No matter the number of brides that choose the gown, you can still own it!

HOD 015

HOD 017

HOD 018

HOD 019

HOD 020

HOD 021

HOD 022

HOD 023

HOD 024

HOD 025

HOD 026

HOD 027The team:

Photography: Ope Okunbor (@ope.okunbor)

Model: Merlin (@merlinuwalaka)

MUA: Oyinkan (@drhunnay)

Designer: Folu (@houseofdabira/ @aj_fidabira)

Graphic Designer: Wani (@waniajayi)

I look forward to reading and replying your comments! Thank you.


10 thoughts on “The House of Dabira Bridal 2015

  1. Way to go, darling!

    Your dresses make me think of heaven and angels. Lol. And your model and photographer should be lauded also. Nice jobs.

    To greasy elbows! Well done, Folu.

  2. Fantastic Folu!!!!!!! This is breathtaking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜. Uuuhhhhh… I’m soo in luurve. I root for gown 2 though.. It exudes Class.. Soo adorbs πŸ’•. And yh, the model and photographer killed it πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ!

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