The Bridal Series: Choosing the Right Custom Made Wedding Gown Pt. 1


Hello Dabira Lovelies!

Right after debuting our first bridal collection, the response and requests have been flowing and we are really grateful for that! You guys rock! This post is inspired by the first set of orders that we have delivered, by communicating with the brides and listening carefully to their likes and wants. Enjoy!


The date is set. Preparations are underway. Family members and relations are pitching in here and there. There are lots of appointments to make and keep. The entire wedding planning process can be daunting! However, everything fades into the background when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gown for your day. Choosing a wedding dress can be exhilarating and stressful but deciding on a custom made gown raises the stakes so much!

But first, for the brides contemplating whether to buy a ready made gown or get a gown custom made, here are some reasons why you should go custom made:

1. You are the Muse!


What better way to celebrate the beginning of a life long journey than in a gown specially crafted for you! At House of Dabira, we will celebrate you, your body type and your individual style. Your entire look is crafted, veils, headpieces, accessories, all the while keeping your choice of shoes in mind and because it was made for you, it fits like a glove! The ultimate goal is to create a balanced, cohesive look that draws attention to your glowing wedding day face.

2. Support Local Business

HOD 024

Hahaha! But really, choosing a custom made dress means you are involved in our growth process and become part of our House of Dabira family! You know the people making your dress with care and love and we know you!

3. The Sheer Experience.


Yes, it’s fun. But it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Having your dress made by hand, hmmm, there’s nothing quite like it. What better way to share the experience than with your bridesmaids attending your fitting sessions? Seeing your gown go from live sketch to finished gown.

4. Wear The Dress You Always Dreamed About!

wedding-dress-1 wedding-dress-11

Finally, when you wear a bespoke gown, every detail you desire can be yours! The perfect type or pattern of lace, the right dip or dive of the neckline, the best color, your perfect back detail, the list is endless! You don’t have to compromise. The wedding dress you always dreamed of will be a reality. I, for one, have had the same design for my dream dress since I was 14! 😀

In the next edition, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you in choosing the perfect custom design gown.




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