The Bridal Series: Choosing the Right Custom Made Wedding Gown Pt. 2

HOD 008

Wow, it has been a month since that last post. September was quite the month! Someone called me a couple of weeks, angrily requesting that the posts be continued. Haha. Thank you for being attentive. We are working on regular posts. By the way, we have a vacancy open for assistant designer, look at our Instagram post for more details.

Moving on swiftly, in the last post, we discussed reasons why you should go for a custom made wedding gown. In case you missed that, click here. Now, that you have decided to go with a custom made gown, how do you choose the right wedding gown that keeps you stunned and stunning on your special day?

Pursue One Strong Design Concept or Statement and Let It Flow 

HOD 017

To start with, EVERY BRIDE MAKES HER DECISION DIFFERENTLY. Yes, some people just “know” when they see the gown, some others are left more confused than ever. And that’s okay. Everyone is different. The starting point is often your closet. What are the things that fit or flatter you? What styles do you favour the most? Afterall, your wedding dress should simply be an extra special version of you, not a costume. Seeking ultimate perfection can be dangerous!  Don’t try to cram every single idea into one dress! I bet it with you, it won’t be a pretty dress.


Stick With The Image of What You Want to Look Like As a Bride

Many brides start out with a particular image and halfway through, they get carried away with the glitz of the very very many designs. Choose what makes you comfortable.There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable bride. I’ll share this story quickly. My Aunty told her friend’s daughter to slip into more comfortable heels (say 3″) for her big day. The girl refused. By the end of church service, she could barely walk. Her feet had blistered! Now imagine it’s your gown that is uncomfortable. Haha, not cool at all. At least with shoes, you can easily swap them for better ones! Lol. If you love a style, create it! Don’t think about it for too long! Bridal brain can get you confused very easily!

HOD 018

Pinterest! For God’s sake, P-I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T!!

Brides and Brides-to-be, for God’s sake, use Pinterest! It’s a great world of inspiration and a good place to save all those images that entice you daily! Make inspiration boards. Pull together images that you are drawn to. You’ll start seeing a trend in them. Be it laces or pearls. Whatever! Just “Pin It!!”

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